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How To Use Mtn Ops Defuse

Jun 06, 2022

By Matt Davis

DEFUSE is the ultimate recovery and great aid in the body's natural inflammation kicker in pill form. The much healthier alternative to “vitaimin-I”, if you catch our drift.

With a comprehensive blend of science backed ingredients, free radicals and other harmful molecules don’t stand a chance.

DEFUSE for Daily Health:

Taking 2 capsules a day, DEFUSE may aid in relieving muscle pain, arthritis, joint pain and many other bodily issues.

Simply consume both pills every morning or evening with 12-16 oz of water for best results.

If you do decide to take DEFUSE in the morning, we recommend pairing it any one of our best-selling energy products for an epic jumpstart to your day.

DEFUSE for Recovery:

While it’s always easier to prevent than to repair, taking 2 capsules of DEFUSE before every workout or physical activity may help reduce recovery time and body aches and pains.

Don't just listen to our beautifully and informatively written blog, but listen to this customer review from John C. for DEFUSE, "Works as advertised. Found it very useful as part of my diet plan and weight loss program." Short, sweet and above all else: TRUE.

Here at MTN OPS, we aren't interested in wasting your time and trying to convince you to buy our products for any flashy reasons... we're simply trying to improve your life and help you conquer the activities you love to do. Defuse WILL do just that and we're excited for you to reap the benefits of this tried and true product.