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How To Use Mtn Ops Super Reds

May 25, 2022

By Matt Davis

If we could only recommend a handful of products to our incredible customers, SUPER REDS would make the list because when it comes to everyday health and keeping your body in balance, SUPER REDS is the real MVP.

Powerful antioxidants, such as vitamins C & E, derived from real fruits and vegetables help support your immune system and aids in balancing the free radicals and antioxidants to ensure proper physiological functions in the body. Simply put, this helps ensure your body can function and perform.

Using Super Reds is as easy as it gets, and extremely delicious to boot. Each resealable bag comes filled with 30 single serving sleeves, or ‘Trail Packs’ as we like to call them. The convenience of storing them together in the pantry or tossing a few in your travel bag or purse is met with this unique packaging combination.

When you’re ready to use this incredible super food, simply tear off the top of a trail pack, pour into 12-16of of cold water, shake or stir to dissolve formula and enjoy!

The taste alone is all the reason you need to make our Super Reds a part of your every day health routine, but the health benefits cannot be over-stated: fights free radicals, powerful antioxidants, improves every day health, improves cognitive function, immune support, phytonutrients and helps with recovery and resilience.

If you’re lacking fruits and veggies, need to focus more during the day and simply want to be a healthier version of yourself, try MTN OPS Super Reds to taste and feel the difference.

Check out the graphic below to see the key benefits in every SUPER REDS serving!

Key benefits of our SUPER REDS in every serving. Maximize your health today.