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How To Use Mtn Ops Enduro

May 25, 2022

By Matt Davis

Enduro is the foundation blend that all MTN OPS energy products are built upon. By delivering a boost of nitric oxide, through key amino acid ingredients l-arginine and l-citrulline, circulation is increased and results in amplified blood flow to naturally energize and stimulate your body and mind.

For those searching for an extremely clean, lean profile with zero sugar or stimulants, Enduro is unmatched

Enduro for the Gym:

The benefits of improved circulation and blood flow are endless. For this very reason, Enduro is great as a ‘pre’ ‘intra’ or ‘post’ workout product. While most commonly used as a Pre or intra workout to expedite the energy and improve performance during exercise, taking it as you finish your workout increases the amount of nutrients and blood that flows to your muscles, which can result in reduced soreness and improved recovery.

For best results, mixing and drinking ENDURO 20-30 minutes prior to physical activity will allow your body to begin processing the blend and improve the desired effects of the product. To improve your experience, take time to stretch and warm up prior to your workout as increasing your heart rate will expedite the delivery of ENDURO into your body and help performance when the real workout begins.


Enduro is perfect for a gym session and offers smooth, clean and long-lasting energy

Enduro at Home:

While we all aspire to conquer the streets or mountain trails, cardio isn’t in the cards for all of us. Because of the incredible benefits of increased circulation, ENDURO is perfect for drinking throughout the day to optimize your body’s natural performance.

Enduro on the Mountain:

Much like the stair-master at your local gym, the mountains offer the opportunity to enjoy some breath, some crisp fresh air and enjoy some exercise while you’re out and about. Similar to the recommended steps for using Enduro in the gym, taking it on your drive to the mountain or when you wake up on the trail in your tent will give your body time to absorb, utilize and begin using the formula to improve your energy, hydration and performance on the trail.

From daily health to the perfect non-stimulated pre-workout available, ENDURO covers all the bases and is always the easy choice when you need a healthy pick-me-up.

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