Hunting Essentials - what to carry in your pack? Hunting Essentials - what to carry in your pack?

Hunting Essentials - what to carry in your pack?

Jul 08, 2024

By Truett Hanes

Hunting season is just around the corner which means you need to start brainstorming ideas on what all you need to bring with you and not an ounce extra. 

Let's go through our top recommendations for what supplements to bring with you while you're spending days and nights in the great outdoors:

1. Slumber Gummies - It's been a long day. You need just as much energy, if not more, than the day prior. How will you achieve this? Restful sleep. Slumber gummies are a sure way to calm your mind down, your nerves and the fact that you're not in your usual sleeping situation. Simply pop a couple 30 minutes before your desired sleep time and a great rest will come upon you. You'll be back and ready as ever when you awake and head out.

2. Ignite Trail Packs - You've been hiking for miles in the mountains. Blew a stalk or two and now you're feeling the effects of carrying your gear around the mountains all morning long. You need something that will give your the energy to not only continue on, but feel even better and more focused than you did. Rip, pour and go with Ignite trail packs. Energy benefits, cognitive benefits and focus all in one supplement. There's a reason it's our best-seller. If you want your best self, then take some Ignite and you'll taste and feel the difference.

3. Hydrate - It's hot and you've been sweating all day. You could've swore that you trained hard enough in the off-season, but you're starting to cramp up and can feel fatigue kicking in. Hydrate was made for this reason. Need to go further and ask more of your body? Have Hydrate. Want to energize without adding caffeine in case you need to rest up in a few hours? Have Hydrate. Performance no longer has to be hindered by a hot and physical day, but have Hydrate and you'll be refreshed.

4. Venture Bars - It's in its name. VENTURE further with our brand-new bars. A perfect addition to your pack if you're looking for not only a great tasting and nutrient dense bar, but something that will actually enhance your ability to travel further and easier. These bars are made with ingredients that were designed to give you an extra pep to your step and you'll be thankful that it's a Venture Bar you're pulling out of your pack when you need a boost of energy out in the trails because they do not disappoint with flavor, convenience and benefits.

Keep these products close by and you'll find that hunting season has just become a lot more enjoyable. You'll be able to focus more attention on the task at hand than how your body is feeling, your energy levels and the the fact that your legs are cramping up. Become a better hunter with our hunting essentials!