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How To Use Mtn Ops Ammo

May 27, 2022

By Matt Davis

If there’s one product that’s helped people reach their weight loss goals.. It’s AMMO.

AMMO is a full blown Whey Protein Meal replacement that’s loaded with 19G or protein, real fruits and veggies, flax seeds and a number of other delicious and nutritious ingredients. AMMO was designed to perform 2 important roles in your health:

1 - Provide you with a nutrient packed, low calorie, high protein meal replacement in a single scoop
2 - Leave you feeling full to help curb hunger and avoid munchies or unhealthy eating habits throughout the day

AMMO for Daily Health:
Being a meal replacement, we recommend replacing 1 meal per day with AMMO. Never seem to have time for breakfast? Here’s the answer. So busy at work that you eat through your break at your computer and all you can think about is eating? One word - AMMO.

AMMO truly is an incredibly healthy and delicious substitute for any meal of the day.

AMMO after the GYM:

We don’t like to brag, but 19G of protein in every serving of AMMO is pretty unreal. If you’re looking to lean out but need to up the ante on your protein intake.. We’ve got you covered.

Available in both tub and single serving form, whether you’re whipping up a shake at the house after a workout or need a grab and go single serving to mix up on your drive into the office, we know our customers and made both offerings a fit for any active lifestyle.

AMMO on the Mountain:

Single serving Trail Packs provide a simple meal, protein boost or treat on the mountain. An easy mix-in option for oatmeal, snack while sitting behind the glass or a heavenly double chocolate dosage when mixed with some cocoa slumber for a nightcap.

AMMO for Baking:

You read it right.. Baking. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes? Protein Granola bars? Mouth watering yet? Us too.

In short, AMMO does it all folks and should always have a place in your daily MTN OPS supplement regimen.