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How To Use Mtn Ops For Strength

Jun 09, 2022

By Grant Wilkes

If YOU are looking to build strength with MTN OPS, then you are in the right place!

This article will give you a walkthrough of the MTN OPS products specifically designed to help you get stronger.

Those are Yeti, Yeti Mode, Magnum, BCAAs, and Ox.

These supplements, and all the ones we make, come from natural ingredients found all over. Many of them actually come from our local Great Salt Lake here in Utah! We will detail the specific compounds in them and how they will support you in your workouts and strength goals. You’ll also get instructions on when to take these supplements, how much to take, and which ones to mix with what. 


Yeti is one of our key products. It’s our explosive pre-workout that really helps you push yourself through a workout, giving you the ability to use up every minute of your workout, and give you the maximum amount of pumps and burn possible. This comes from our unique blend of compounds like 1000 mg of Beta-Alanine and L-Citrulline, and 5000 mg of L-Arginine. Yeti has more of the latter two than other pre-workouts so you can build even more strength. It also contains 2000 mg of creatine, which is one of the most studied supplement ingredients in the fitness community. Creatine aids in building lean muscle mass, making it key for any workout. 

But Yeti goes farther than just your workout! It has 200 mg of caffeine and an over 20 hour nitric oxide release that helps keep your energy levels up throughout the day. And the best part: No crash! Lots of other pre-workouts give you a nice boost for a couple hours but then it ends and you feel like you have to take a long nap just to make it through the day. That’s a terrible feeling. And we have crafted Yeti to spare you from a crash.

Mix Yeti with 10-16 ounces of water and drink it about 30 minutes before your workout. And these numbers can vary a little bit depending on your preference. Try it with 10 or 11 ounces of water if you want a stronger flavor, or go with 16 if you want a more mild drink.


Yeti Mode

But if Yeti just isn’t giving you the push you want or you want to have an extreme workout, go with our Yeti Mode. This is an amped up version of Yeti, with 300 mg caffeine for energy, 3200 mg of Beta-Alanine for pumps, and niacin for alertness and brain function. All of this in addition to what regular Yeti already has. Yeti Mode is a high-stimulant for amped up exercise.

Similar to normal Yeti, take Mode with 10-16 ounces of water 15-30 minutes before a workout; however, since this is such a high stimulant you could take it closer to the time of your workout because it kicks in fast.


Magnum is our milk and power protein isolate blend that is essential for any strength building routine. Your body needs protein as the building material for your muscles. Both to sustain them and to help them get bigger after your workout has torn them down. Each scoop of Magnum has 23 grams of protein made up from many different amino acids. Amino acids are the compounds that make up a protein, similar to stairs making up a staircase. Specific AAs together make a complete protein (this topic will come back later, stay tuned). Magnum also helps with muscle recovery by limiting how sore you’ll be after a workout. While other proteins often taste like ground up chalk floating in liquid, our flavors stand out. Everything tastes great. Letting you look forward to taking it after you’re done exercising instead of seeing it as a gross necessity.

Take Magnum within a couple hours after a workout. Mix it with 10-16 ounces of water or a kind of milk. Milk will make it thicker like a milkshake or smoothie so many people go with it. You can also take Magnum a few times a day based on how much protein you’re trying to ingest, but space the separate servings a few hours apart during the day. The human body can only absorb so many grams of protein during digestion. So take it at least a few hours apart so you can absorb as much protein as you can. Don’t go overboard though. A good rule of thumb is 1 gram of protein for every 1 pound you weigh. 


Remember those amino acids from earlier? That’s what BCAAs are, or Branch-Chain Amino Acids. These are incomplete proteins and are often taken in addition with Magnum. But unlike our protein blend, you can take BCAAs before, during or after a workout. They help with endurance and muscle recovery. Taking away the soreness that often results from heavy workouts. Each scoop has 5000 mg of L-Glutamine, Agmatine Sulfate, Beta Alanine and L-Tyrosine–all of which are specifically tailored towards muscle recovery

Take this anytime during the day, mixed with 10-16 ounces of water. You could also consider mixing them with some fruit juice since the particles are really fine and the flavors are pretty tropical. But maybe don’t try that with the complete protein in Magnum since the flavors may not mesh super well.


The final supplement on this list is a much more specific one. This is our Ox, with is a natural boost of testosterone. While women do have a bit of testosterone in their systems this supplement is highly recommended for only men. Testosterone is made naturally in the body and helps control bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, facial and body hair, red blood cell production, and many other natural processes. But as everyone gets past middle age their bodies start making fewer hormones. This makes trying to build and maintain muscle for men difficult as the main hormone that controls that, testosterone, is less and less prevalent in their bodies. That’s where Ox comes in. It boosts the levels of testosterone in the body making it easier to get in shape.

Ox is also different from the other supplements in this article because it comes in capsules instead of powder that’s mixed into water. You take 3 capsules (which is 1 serving) either in the morning or at night. Either is okay, it just depends on your schedule or preference. There’s enough servings in one bottle for 30 days (90 capsules total)

There you have it! These are the products specifically designed to make you stronger. You could use one or two or all of them–whatever works with your fitness plans! All of these are meant for you. To help you be the best, strongest version of yourself. It’s not an extremely easy journey, but it is one that you can complete. And these products can help you on your path to conquering more.