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How To Build Muscle For Hard Gainers

Jun 07, 2022

By Truett Hanes

What are we? Skinny!

What do we want? Muscle!

When do we want it? NOW.

If this is you or consider yourself an ectomorph, then hang tight for just a quick minute to learn how YOU can gain muscle and no longer have to wonder "How?"

First things first... NOTHING happens overnight when it comes to training and performance. However, if you follow these following 5 steps, then over the course of a short couple weeks/months... you will see physical change and be on your way to saying "hello" to muscle and "goodbye" to any and all scrawniness.

Let's dive in.

Step 1. Protein. Protein. More protein. 

You know that number you see when you step onto that scale? Well, generally you're going to want to intake that amount of grams in protein per day if you have any hopes of putting on size. Chicken, beef, salmon, elk, oryx, you name it... it should be consumed on a regular basis if having muscle is your goal. Pro tip: our Magnum Protein delivers 23g of high-quality and delicious tasting protein in each serving + WILL help you dramatically in reaching your daily protein intake. Scoop, pour, sip, gains. It's that simple, please don't try to overcomplicate it.

Step 2. Weightlifting

Unlike the first step, this step has some wiggle room. You may hear "experts" calling for all skinny individuals to "lift heavy with few reps" if you have the goal of putting on muscle, but this simply isn't a one cure for all plan. Whether you're doing calisthenics, high reps with lighter weight, low reps with heavy weight or a healthy mixture between the two... you WILL put on muscle as long as you're consistent + fueling yourself correctly. Break down the muscle as you see fit and rebuild it with the correct protein source and you WILL put on muscle as long as consistency is key in your training.

Step 3. Sleep

How important is rest you may be asking? Well, check this out: Rest allows your muscles to rebuild and grow. Not only that, but when you have more muscle, you'll burn more calories at rest! This is due to the fact that muscle burns more energy than fat. On top of this, you'll not only be growing your muscles will healthy rest, but you'll be recharged for the next training session and ready to give it your all. Create a sleeping schedule and stick to it if you crave building more muscle and quit watching Netflix until the early hours of the morning. Sleep, train, grow. Again, DON'T overcomplicate it.

Step 4. Supplementation

Don't worry... this isn't a selfish and unwarranted plug for our own supplements; rather it's an honest tip to help you maximize each training session and accomplish your goal of piling on muscle. Things you absolutely need: energy supplement, quality protein powder and creatine. Want to knock out two birds with one stone? Give our YETI pre-workout a try as each serving comes with creatine + 200mg of smooth and long-lasting energy. Creatine helps you build lean muscle while our caffeine blend will give you the energy needed for an epic lifting session. Not to mention if you're serious about building muscle then you'll have protein powder as an every day staple. 1 to 2 servings a DAY at least of your favorite protein powder is common amongst those who not only have muscle, but have aspirations of putting on more. Get serious and get supplemented.

Step 5. Consistency

Without our Step 5... it's impossible. You might as well not start at all if you don't plan on being consistent in your effort. Save yourself the empty promise and simply don't begin this journey if you aren't hell-bent on following through on a regular basis. Take rest days when needed and don't allow minor inconveniences come between you and the vision of success you have for yourself. You may miss 2 or 3 days in a row because of travel, work, life... but don't allow that to become a habit. Try this instead: give yourself only one option. That option being, "I have to workout and fuel myself properly today." Whether it be for 10 minutes or 2 hours, you need to stay committed. This is a journey without a finish line and the race begins every day you wake up. Remember why you started, don't make excuses and most importantly: SHOW UP. 

Stick to these 5 steps and the amount of pride, gratitude and muscle you'll receive after awhile will be worth the struggle tenfold.