Jul 02, 2022

By Chris Neff

My transformation started back in 2017 when I went on a late season rifle elk hunt. It successfully kicked my butt in the short 7 days and 64 miles that we had logged. I was super disappointed in myself because the woods and hunting was a passion instilled in me since I was a child, and I wanted nothing more than to be able to rekindle that passion. I knew from that day on, that I wouldn’t ever be able to elk hunt and be successful unless I made a drastic change. I told myself that I wouldn’t step back onto the mountain until I knew that I could thrive on it, which drove me to push as hard as I could to better myself so that I could go find success in the woods. Even on the days when I felt like I had given my all in the gym, I had to tell myself that “nobody cares, work harder”, and this also rang true with the animals that I hunt. They don’t care how hard I work, in order to find success, I have to outwork and outsmart them. Surrounding myself with positive people and continuously educating myself on the type of training that it takes for the mountain was what really helped me stay motivated as well.

IGNITE is my favorite product and has helped me in so many ways from being able to have the energy to lock in and focus during a workday, to being deep in the mountains and pack out a bull elk. The flavor profiles are amazing but “Bugle Berry” has always been a favorite of mine.

I really enjoy the new YETI MODE pre-workout. This has allowed my workouts to be explosive and give me the bump that I need to continue to reach my goals.

My favorite post workout supplement is the MAGNUM protein as this provides the right amount of protein for a post workout shake as well as tastes incredible!

I choose to conquer more not only to have a healthier lifestyle, but because I never want my physical or mental fitness to be a reason why I am not able to accomplish my goals on the mountain or in my life. Endurance and discipline have been the biggest factors when it comes to my lifestyle. I don’t need to be the strongest on the mountain, but I know that if I am mentally the toughest and I have trained to keep my body as functionally fit as possible, I will be able to outwork the competition and do what it takes to be successful on the mountain or in my life.