Jan 12, 2023

By Josh Riches

My whole life I’ve been small. I’ve constantly hidden behind blaming my genetics for my inability to gain muscle. I bought into the negative words spoken to me by coaches, friends and myself. I even bought a home gym so I could “get big” before hitting the public gym.


Mtn Ops products, although a big part of my success, we’re not what truly propelled me. It was the community they built. It was the countless words of encouragement from total strangers and numerous stories of success. I started as a fly on the wall but their words motivated me to action. I have put in many early morning hours at the gym to get to where I’m at. The Mtn Ops products have kept my body fueled with clean products that I trust. I crave my preworkout when I wake up and always look forward to my magnum shake during the day.


This has been an incredible journey that is far from over for me! I have made lifelong friends through Mtn Ops. I greatly appreciate the culture they have built and the amazing product line. They are a company that has been built on the right foundation and with the right purpose.


Dallons favorite products include: IGNITE, YETI, MAGNUMSLUMBER, & PHENIX