Dec 29, 2022

By Josh Riches

MY STORY. About three years ago, health-wise, my life was a mess! Needing a full knee replacement, along with acid reflux and pre-diabetes, and many other health issues, I honestly had made up my mind that losing weight and health was not in my cards and that I was too far gone to do anything about it. It was August, and one of my best friends asked me to join him on an archery elk hunt. Two hours into the hunt, he was miles ahead of me, and I wasn't able to keep up and had given up. As I hiked back to the truck, I told myself that the end of my biggest passion, "HUNTING" was on the horizon as well. When we got to the truck, I was mentally and physically tired and burnt out. My buddy offered me an IGNITE packet and told me it would give me some energy. I asked him what it was. He explained that it was a super tasty, healthy drink that gives you sustained energy, so I poured it into some water. Actually, I didn't just stop with one. It was so good I drank another and felt like a million bucks! So much so that when I got home, I was able to get some work done as well. This was the start of something I never dreamed imaginable - having energy! I quickly did some research and realized that I could replace my (4) 32-ounce sodas a day with MTN OPS. All of a sudden, there was a glimmer of hope! A few days later, another great friend of mine, on a whim, introduced me to the Keto diet. I told myself I could do anything for a week and went into full attack mode. I soon realized that MTN OPS products were Keto friendly, and on a diet of meat and healthy fats coupled with MTN OPS products, I was in dreamland. In a short period of time, the weight just started to fall off. I felt good! Really good. After a while, I got to where I could exercise, and that took me down another path. Eventually, my buddy that introduced me to MTN OPS introduced me to backpacking and backcountry hunting, and I was 100% hooked. I started setting hunting goals, took on fitness challenges, and set goals for myself. I started listening to Jocko Willink ( Navy Seal ) podcasts on discipline = Freedom. In short, all of a sudden, my life went from fitness and health never being a possibility to a new way of life, and it truly started, MTN OPS IGNITE! It sent me down a path that I will be forever grateful for.

My new goal this year is a long-term one. When I'm an 80-year-old grandpa, I want to be the coolest grandpa to my grandkids that ever existed. I want to be able to hike and hunt, lift weights, do push-ups and pull-ups and show them that life can be lived fully to the end. I'm currently working on a pull-up challenge for myself. It was inspired by Truett Hanes and his pull-up record. I have never been able to do pull-ups, but after a few months, I'm doing sets of five and finishing with one round with a 40-pound pack on!

I still have a long, long way to go on my journey, but I'm blessed to have the best family and best of friends surrounding me for showing me MTN OPS and taking charge of my health in the best ways possible.

Dans favorite products include: IGNITE, OX, BCAA's, ENDURO-Pineapple & SLUMBER-Sleepy Cider