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Jake Crump

Jun 05, 2022

By Jake Shaw

Through these last 3 months I have really learned that with dedication, and diligence we can all accomplish anything we set are minds on. On day one January 3rd I tipped the scales at 286 and on the finally weigh day I was 221.8! Some big challenges I face trying to find a working out routine that fit in with my work and my family life! The last couple Month we recently found out my dad has cancer. As you can imagine this has been a huge change and challenge for me and the family, but with that massive challenge we have all tried to have a positive outlook and stay active. Also in September of 2021 my wife and I where blessed with our first baby. With a new born baby this was not easy. With tremendous support from my wife and family I was able to over come and successfully reach all my goals! They also ended up being the biggest motivation for me as well. I want my boy, who is now 6 months old, to grow up and watch me live a healthy life and be able to overcome any obstacles in the way.


As I strive to continue and to get ready for the 2022 archery elk season I’m excited to be in the best shape of my life. I have now set out to finish a ironman with my sister and my dad this coming august in Boulder Colorado. These, with some smaller step goals, I hope to continue on the healthy path I head down and hope to inspire and help change others lives as well.