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Our Top 5 Most Subscribed To Products

Apr 18, 2024

By Truett Hanes

Save money? Yes. Never run out of supply? Yes. Never miss out on the benefits of remaining consistent with our supplements? Yes again.

These are all the benefits of subscribing to our products and why our customers who have a consistent use of our products in their daily routine are opting for subscription instead of one-off purchases. Not being subscribed equals more headache when trying to decide when you should place another order before your current stock runs out. You also have to pay full price each time you place an order versus when you're subscribed, it's 20% off every time. The list goes on and on.

Subscription is the smartest way to shop with us so now let's see what other customers are subscribing to and why you should follow their lead:


1. The first product on our list is: OXThis product of ours does not get the credit it deserves. One of our longest standing products and consistently one of our top-performing because of one simple fact: it works. As we grow older and our body’s natural ability to produce testosterone declines, performance in all aspects can suffer as a result. Ox supports our body's natural process to make testosterone for muscle growth, energy, and training performance. The reason you would subscribe to this product is to remain consistent as this product won't receive its full potential unless you're taking it every day. The upside to this product can't be stressed enough and there really isn't negative to give it a try. Over 200 5-star reviews so you can hear from people who have actually taken it.

2. The next product is: SUPER GREENS. This product is a no-brainer to be subscribed to: insanely good taste, great health benefits and cost efficient when compared to other greens on the market. Mtn Ops Super Greens provides a unique blend of organic greens with digestion-supporting ingredients to deliver on-the-go natural energy and support your gut, metabolism, and immune system. Our greens tastes great and mixes perfectly with cold water or your favorite protein smoothie for a well-rounded nutritional addition to your daily routine. This product can and should be taken every single day which is another reason to be subscribed to this product. It's a favorite amongst our customers and will be yours too if you give it a try!

3. The next product is: Men's Multi-V. Another one of our longest standing products and one of our most-trusted because of the benefits it offers. Every day routine and health elevated by taking these multi-vitamins and something you want to take every day to get the full benefits listed. Men need specific nutrients to maintain optimal health. Get the essentials in a multivitamin designed for support for men. Men’s Multi-V is a daily multivitamin with essential vitamins and minerals you need to maintain a strong, healthy, and energetic lifestyle. Over 200 5-star reviews because of one reason, it improves lives.

4. Next product: BLAZE. Mtn Ops Blaze is your premier weight loss companion. Packed with a diversity of vitamins and phytonutrients, Blaze supports your body’s ability to burn fat and keep your appetite in check. Use Blaze as part of your weight management program to conquer your goals. You've heard it before that fitness foals are reached by 20% exercise and 80% diet, well Blaze helps you keep the 80% under check with it's healthy appetite-suppressant. Here's a customer review that gives you an idea of what to expect with Blaze, "Love this product. Has helped keep me from snacking in between meals. The extra energy is nice also. Down 20 lbs and I completely believe this has helped." - Jennifer H. Whether it's your fitness goals or a desire for more energy, Blaze is your solution.

5. Final product that our customers subscribe to the most: SUPER REDS. Our Super reds are as vibrant in function as its color and flavor with the antioxidant power and phytonutrient benefits from a wide variety of fruits and plants. SUPER REDS are a convenient and incredibly delicious solution to boost and support your immune system with antioxidants to help fight free radicals. Another popular-product that has to do with achieving health goals, we're starting to see a trend here and we hope you are too. Improving your health no longer has to be difficult or taste poorly, we offer a wide variety of delicious and proven products that improve people's lives and their well-being. That's our most proud accomplishment as a company and we hope you make the decision to conquer your health by subscribing to our products so you don't miss a day on improving yourself.

 Reasons to subscribe: save money, never miss a day on your supplement routine, keep your health and goals in check and life is better when our products are plentiful in your home.