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Best Balance Between Endurance and Strength

Sep 22, 2022

By Truett Hanes

The Best balance between Endurance and Strength:

Living a balanced life is important … just as important is having balanced health. Knowing what is the perfect balance between endurance and strength is extremely relative and goal driven.

A magic formula does not exist to calculate this, BUT when you counsel with a coach, you can get to the bottom of the training, nutrition/supplement and recovery regimen that will work best for you.

Doing less repetitions with heavier weight will increase your strength and doing less weight with more repetitions will increase your endurance. The key is finding that sweet spot that works best for you and your lifestyle!

The best way to achieve the most balanced workouts is to plan them around your recovery. Certain exercises or output take more time to recover than others. You want to have mostly recovered muscles when you workout. Of course this depends on your sleep and nutritional/supplement habits.

You can include cardio vascular / aerobic exercise in your weight training, but keep in mind this typically going to wear you out much faster. Ultimately, know your goals and plan for them.

Someone competing in a powerlifting competition is going to have an extremely different training routine compared to someone training for a marathon. Expert advise is always a welcomed advantage!

Contact the Mtn Ops team to design a personal program just for your goals.

Have a blessed day and keep hammering!