Get ready to embrace the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality with the KINETIC HOODIE. Whether you're hitting the trails, working out, or simply lounging around, this hoodie is your go-to choice for all your active lifestyle needs.

Perfect for Cool Temperatures: Say goodbye to chilly mornings and evenings. The KINETIC HOODIE is ideal for those cooler temperatures during your early or late morning adventures. Whether hiking, running, or just enjoying a brisk walk, this hoodie keeps you warm and cozy.

Super Lightweight & Breathable: Our hoodie is crafted from a super lightweight, soft, and breathable material. It's designed to help you maintain your optimal body temperature so you never feel too hot or too cold—no more overheating during your workouts or feeling too chilly when you pause for a break.

Four-Way Stretch for Maximum Comfort: We understand that comfort is essential, whether active or at rest. That's why the KINETIC HOODIE offers a four-way stretch. It moves with you, ensuring you stay comfortable during your activities and when you're just relaxing. No more feeling restricted by your clothing.

Cowl Neck Hood & Scalloped Bottom Hem: We believe that style should never compromise comfort. The KINETIC HOODIE features a cowl neck hood that looks great and provides extra warmth and protection for your neck. The scalloped bottom hem adds a unique touch, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit.

  • Designed for comfort, warmth and Durability
  • Chest Logo
  • 70% Polyester / 25% Rayon / 5% Spandex
  • Super Lightweight & Breathable
  • Four-Way Stretch
  • Cowl Neck Hood & Scalloped Bottom Hem

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