Strawberries & CreamStrawberries & Cream

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AMMO™ Whey Protein Meal Replacement is a complete 140 calorie meal filled with 19g of protein, 10g of super food flaxseed and 4.5 servings of real fruits and vegetables like; broccoli, cranberries, oranges and apples. AMMO™ curbs your appetite, tastes amazing and leaves you feeling full. Whether you’re looking for a grab-n-go for your commute to work or looking for something quick and convenient at the office - AMMO is your new go-to meal.

AMMO™ Singles are a great way to try out all the flavors before you commit to one. Rest assured, we have taste-tested over and over again to make sure these flavors are the best on the market. Order your samples today, find your favorite flavors and feel the MTN OPS difference - we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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