Americans do not get enough food to eat on a daily basis.

children under the age of five die every year due to poor nutrition.

children go to school every day on an empty stomach.

seconds a child dies from malnutrition.

children in Davis County go home to an empty pantry.

They rise highest who lift as they go

Our ultimate goal at MTN OPS is to spread health as a lifestyle through becoming and staying active. The products we have developed can be taken throughout your life, to improve your life. We each have experienced many benefits from using our products and have had the chance to share them with those around us. But that’s not enough. We want to use our business to give more.

To do this we created Operation Conquer Hunger, an initiative that works with charity partners to deliver nutritious meals to children in need around the world. Uniquely, each of the founders of MTN OPS have lived and spent time in impoverished areas of the world. We have seen firsthand the sadness and suffering that is caused by malnutrition. Through Operation Conquer Hunger, we hope to lift others as we rise by sharing health and nutrition with children who otherwise would not have the chance to receive it.

One purchase for 10 nutritious meals.

How it works:

  1. Every time a purchase is made at during the month of November, 10 children in need receive a nutritious meal.
  2. The Operation Conquer Hunger team works with charity partners to manufacture the nutritious meals.
  3. Charity partners work with validated organizations and local governments to transport and distribute.
  4. Meals are given to children in need.

Where do these meals go?

On Wednesday, November 14th, 2018, MTN OPS and invited guests, will gather together to assemble pantry pack meals that will render over 20,000 meals for children of the Davis County School District.

Our hearts break knowing that 1 out of 4 children in our local community go home to an empty pantry after school. For these children, a lack of food brings a lack of confidence and hope. It leaves many feeling depressed and unloved and maybe even alone. We are blessed with the opportunity to package meals for these kids and to help create awareness of the growing local need in our own community.

Our mission, to improve the lives of individuals and families, is fulfilled through these efforts when we are able to help these children feel a sense of hope and confidence. We are able to help them know and feel that they are loved and that someone is aware of them.

Conquer Hunger Background: Since 2016, the Conquer Hunger intiative has donated almost 700,000 meals to children in need of food. These meals have been sent all over the world to bless the lives of children and their families. Starting this year, we have brought the majority of these meals back into the United States and into our own backyard in Davis County, Utah.